VietNam Protest  Iraq Protest

Yesterday’s “Best of the Web” column at had this brilliant insight:

Reader Kim Sommer has an excellent insight prompted by our video yesterday (Hippie History Buffs) on the phony “antiwar” movement:

I have a friend. Several times a year he goes out and dresses in funny clothes and participates with other like-minded people who believe in the the things he believes. And they act on their beliefs. And talk about them. And get younger folks involved, who will carry on their traditions.

They are Civil War re-enactors. These peace protesters are just peace protest re-enactors if you think about it.

I’d carry this analogy further. Not only are the current anti-war protestors re-enacting the peace protests from the 1960s (complete with an attempt to dress in authentic costumes), but the entire Democrat Party is trying to re-enact the 1960s.

Hippie re-enactors. Cute. Amusing. But not to be taken seriously.

-Rob Shearer
  Director, Schaeffer Study Center