Washington the WriterJohn Adams the WriterLincoln the Writer

What an amazing idea! Give students the opportunity to read the words of historical figures themselves! These are wonderful resources.  Along with each figure’s own words are photographs, prints, paintings, and artifacts to bring each period to life.

This is a wonderful way to bypass the filters of modern historians and textbooks and find out what these guys said themselves!

The selections are arranged chronologically (what a wonderful idea!). For example, after a chapter on Adams youth and early career, there are some fascinating selections from Adams’ participation in the Continental Congress of 1775 and 1776. NB: It was Adams who nominated George Washington for commander-in-chief of the continental army.

After this come letters from the period of Adams’ service in Europe as a diplomat, Ambassador to Great Britain, the first Vice President and then the Second President.

I highly recommend these books, and am hoping they will continue to bring out additional volumes. Hardback, 144 pages. Reading level is junior high and up.

-Rob Shearer
   Publisher, Greenleaf Press
   Director, Schaeffer Study Center