Some will point to Sarah Palin’s accomplishments as mayor of Wasilla, and governor of Alaska and her success is clearing out corruption as her major qualification for national office.  Hopefully, the American people are ready for someone to lead the charge.   (Go get ‘em, Sarah!)

But I’m looking most forward to what Palin will bring to this campaign precisely because she is a mom.

Every mom knows deep down that if our children behaved like the professional American politician, we’d be dusting backsides.  (Fragile self-esteem be damned!)   I think it might be high time for someone to dust some political backsides.  And I suspect that Gov. Palin just may be the one to do it.

  • Moms know when you’re lying.
  • Moms know when you’re really hurt and when you just started screaming because you knew the cameras were on.
  • Moms know you know how not to whine.
  • Moms know when you talk nice, but mean nasty.
  • Moms know everyone else is doing it, and moms don’t care.
  • Moms know what’s really under the rug and how it got there.
  • Moms have eyes in the backs of their heads
  • Moms just know.

The Dems have been talking down to moms for years; it’s second nature to them now.

It’s only a matter of time before they step in it, and get reminded – It’s really not smart to mess with Mom.

Should be an interesting campaign to watch.

And I expect she’ll be an outstanding Vice-President –

and an outstanding President, when she gets her turn.

– Cyndy Shearer (wife of RedHatRob)